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Paulo Costa Just Found Out Stylebender Humped Him After The Fight And He's PISSED


Oh MAAAAN - even if you didn't approve of what Stylebender did in the octagon after that dominant win on Saturday night, you gotta admit: this response by Paulo Costa is pretty (unintentionally) hysterical. 

It's literally a grown man (and one who looks like a giant fucking action figure, no less) staring into his iPhone camera and letting us know that he's FURIOUS to find out that he got humped after he was knocked out on Saturday night. He's now referring to his rivalry with "trash human" Israel Adesanya as a "grave situation" and demanding an immediate rematch (after stunningly not pulling the trigger on ANYTHING this weekend)……

…..which he prrrrrobably ain't gonna get!

Costa also notes that while he's not a man of excuses, "Something happened before the fight!", so….take that as you will. Maybe his foot swelled up to the size of a bellewn. Who knows. Stylebender still ain't letting Costa off the hook for all of his pre-fight trash talk on social media either….

Just a tough weekend all around for Mr. Costa. Back to the drawing board.