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Blackhawks Make Their First Trade Of The Off-Season #FreePirri

Full disclosure I started writing this yesterday, but didn't get a chance to finish it. Obviously it's not an Earth shattering move. A couple of guys who throughout their careers have had a hard time consistently cracking an NHL lineup. 

I am happy for Dylan Sikura. I've always liked his game. He has taken a couple years to develop every time he moves up a level. The Blackhawks never really gave him a good opportunity at the NHL level to get his feet wet, learn, and grow. I don't think anyone has seen the best of Sikura at the NHL level. He has smarts, he's a good skater, and he has a lot of skill. I think he can be a nice 3rd line winger when given minutes and good opportunities. He had to be frustrated looking at guys who were given a TON of leash and chances at the NHL level while he continued to produce at a good rate in the American League. Not sure if he will be able to crack the Vegas lineup, but he's an NHL player who needs a different coaching staff to give him a look. 

It's downright comical that the trade was for Pirri who had his early career look a little like Sikura's. #FreePirri was a movement. He couldn't be a consistent player for the Hawks in the middle part of the decade because the Hawks were a fucking WAGON back then and his game at the time, well, wasn't particularly responsible. He had some injuries and concussions and was almost out of the league at one point, but he carved out a role for Vegas in 2018-19. 18 points in 31 games that year. That's nothing to sneeze at. He didn't play much at the NHL level this year. Pirri can flat out shoot the puck. Some guys know how to score and he is one of them. Can he do enough good things to make a difference and make the roster? I don't know. I don't know how they plan on using him. He's a very smart player and a good person. The type of guy you want in the organization. The Blackhawks have serious organizational depth problems as highlighted by John Quenneville getting all that time in the playoffs. Pirri is certainly a better option in a pinch than Quenneville. It'll be interesting to see where the Hawks slot him in. If they want him as a 4th line guy it's not going to work. If they give him a chance to play with good players when at the NHL level then he can probably help them. 

Sikura's ceiling is higher at this point just based on the fact that he is younger, but it was clear that the coaching staff was never going to give him a real shot. Maybe they will with Pirri. The Blackhawks didn't get worse with this trade, but I wish there was a way to bring Pirri into the mix without giving up on Sikura.