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This Kid Hilariously Yet Perfectly Broke Down A Math Problem In A Way That Both Children And Adults Can Understand

That kid just gets it. Save me your common core bullshit or whatever math is called now that requires an entire sheet of paper to prove 1 + 1 = 2. This is the kind of math that can actually be applied in the real world. Oh Jayden has a whole $1.27 to his name? Well he is going to be laughed at by his peers and his teachers since that doesn't even get you a school lunch. That simple. But you know what? I bet Jayden will appreciate that when he gets older because that infectious laughter will light a fire that will burn inside him throughout life and become a millionaire before 30. Keep all your dollars because this math actually makes sense. 

Did I blog this because this kid's incredible laugh made me feel the slightest joy of happiness after yesterday's Giants game? Yes. Yes it did. And I know that there are a bunch of other fanbases who feel as sad as I do on this shitty Monday. So shout out to this kid and Jayden's broke ass for allowing a smile to briefly appear on my face. 

Speaking of faces, this kid should get the kindergarten teaching job that this guy was fired from.