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The Anonymous Scout Who Said The Daniel Theis/Bam Adebayo Matchup Is "A Wash" Can Go Right To Hell

God dammit. Listen that's a A+ tweet by the Miami Heat. No other way to say it. You don't have to like it but you can't sit here and say that isn't a fantastic tweet. Not an ounce of lie to be found because lets face it, Bam destroyed Daniel Theis in this series. You could argue he was the best player on the floor for the duration of this ECF. Putting up 21.8/11.0/5.2/1.7/1.0 on 60% shooting is pretty good, I think we can all agree. Compare that to 7.8/8.0/1.5/0.0/0.8 for Daniel Theis and even I am insulted that this scout called this matchup a wash. What the hell man. It almost makes me wonder if this was someone in the Heat organization, knowing Bam would hear it and then go up a level. If that's the case you have to give them credit for playing chess and thinking outside the box to motivate one of their most important players. If this is actually a scout with another NBA franchise, I'm not sure how you could allow that person to continue to evaluate talent for your organization. 

Even someone like myself, who drinks the Celtics Kool Aid like you read about, would never even consider uttering those words. This isn't to say Theis sucks, he had a great year and one was of the best in the entire playoffs when it came to blocks, but like....I also have eyes....and a brain. These two aren't even in the same universe let alone close enough to call it a wash. 

Deep down you know this got back to Bam and was the type of bulletin board material he needed. It's probably what gave him the powers to pull off that game saving block on Jayson Tatum. Then after Theis had a good game in Game 5, it someone probably told Bam about this quote again as a reminder and it fueled Bam to end the series last night with his monster performance. I just pray to God this scout wasn't part of the Celts front office because I don't know how you show your face moving forward. 

So to whoever you are, I challenge you to the next Rough N Rowdy. Not really because I am a gigantic pussy who has never been in a fight let alone thrown a punch, but just know I am very unhappy with you at the moment. I hope you stub your toe on the corner of your couch. I hope you sit in traffic on your way home from work tonight for no fewer than 43 minutes. 

Bam and Theis are a wash. What an asshole thing to say.