There's A Chance Dion Waiters Walks Away With A Championship Ring No Matter Who Wins The Finals

What a wild 2019-20 season it has been for Dion Waiters. It's been a while so let's take things from the top. Remember in October right at the start of the season when Dion got suspended by the Heat and immediately started talking shit on IG? 

Then about a month later he had too many gummies on the team plane and missed a game because of it

Then about a month after that he got suspended again for violating team policies, which was his third suspension of the season

Turns out he told the Heat he was sick and then was photographed partying it up on a boat. Whoops! It became very clear that he did not want to be a part of the Miami Heat. Then came the trade deadline and he finally got his wish. He was part of the package that brought Iggy and Jae Crowder to the Heat from Memphis. Promptly 3 days later the Grizzlies waived Dion. About a month later right before the league shut down, he signed a rest of the season deal with the Lakers. He played in a total of 7 games in LA and only 5 so far these playoffs. 

But here's the thing. For Dion to get that ring if the Heat win, their owner has to agree to give him one and that's no sure thing. For example the Raptors didn't give one to the players that were traded for Marc Gasol last season and they loved those guys way more than I'm sure the Heat owner loved Dion after all the shit he pulled. At the same time he did spend 4 seasons in MIA which is the longest stop of his career.

Talk about a wild ride of a season though. You go from being suspended a billion times by the team you clearly didn't want to play for, then you somehow end up in LA because the Grizzlies wanted no part of you, and now both teams are in the Finals. He's on the favorite so his chances at a ring are already good, but now he could get one no matter what. If I'm Dion I am definitely accepting that ring too if the Heat win and he's offered. Why not? How many more chances do you think he'll have to secure that jewelry?

I feel like at the start of the season you could make the case that maybe Dion Waiter's NBA career was over. Now look at him. On the brink of securing that ever elusive first championship without really doing anything. Crazy.