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Jan Blachowicz Arriving Back In Poland As The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Was An Awesome Moment

Man, I didn't really know what to expect at the start of that clip. It looked like there was gonna be SOME press/media there to greet him, but then the fans JUST! KEPT! FLOODING! IN! That was honestly like a scene from a movie - a clown car of press/fans/media if you will!

This look of pure emotion and pride from Jan is what it's all about....

How could that not give you goosebumps?! That's a moment Blachowicz has been waiting his whole life for! He was doubted by so many along the way, he went through some incredibly tough stretches in his career, and now through some of the most unlikely of circumstances, he stands to be the first Polish male UFC Champion in history! He stands a hero to his people! Amazing. 

I'm happy for this dude, even if his pre-fight ritual still freaks me out….

If it works, it works!