Great News! As Of Last Night TikTok Will Officially NOT Be Banned From The App Store

Source - A federal judge on Sunday blocked a Trump administration ban on downloads of the popular video app TikTok — just hours before it was due to go into effect, according to reports.

US District Judge Carl Nichols issued a temporary injunction in federal court in Washington, DC, putting the brakes on President Trump’s move to shut down the Chinese-owned app over claims that it may compromise national security.

The decision allows companies like Google and Apple to continue offering downloads of TikTok on their app stores — something that would have been banned as of midnight.

But the ruling does not address wider restrictions sought by the administration to shut down the app in the US in November.

Trump has given his preliminary endorsement for a sale of TikTok’s US operations to Oracle and Walmart, who would own 20 percent of the app under the name TikTok Global, Bloomberg Law reported..





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^^ Well said. Our long national nightmare is finally over- TikTok will remain in the app store for the foreseeable future. All thanks to this guy, who I couldn't find a usable picture of anywhere on the internet other than this Tanzanian twitter account…

Not the typical demo for TikTok, but he's smart enough to know the app's importance for our youth. I wrote about the original plan to ban TikTok a few weeks ago that you should check out. Kevin also did a video back in August which lays it out pretty well…

Long story short is that certain people in government thought TikTok was a threat to national security so they wanted to ban it. Which we all knew was never going to happen. Apps don't get ban in the US unless they're blatantly illegal, which this one is not. It's mostly filled with awkward dances and people getting kicked in the nuts. Whether or not that's a threat to national security has yet to be seen. Regardless, for now, it's back and for that we can all be grateful. Now here's a compilation of the best TikTok fails of 2020. Enjoy…