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Biggest Jackpot Ever! Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams XIII

The day has finally come. At 1 PM this afternoon, 12 Barstool personalities step inside the Triple S with so much on the line. But nothing is more important than what is up for grabs today: the record-setting $2,500 Progressive Jackpot. That's right, if you're reading this right now, all you need to do is make your picks (takes 60 seconds or less) and by the time today's contest is over, you could have cash in your pocket. It's that easy. Here is a preview to get you ready for today's broadcast:

Match 1 - Kayce/Feits vs. Billy/Nate

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History: Kayce 2-1, Feits 2-2, Billy 2-2, Nate 3-2

Storylines to Know: Will there be a BillyNate hangover coming off the longest match in SS history? Are Feits/Kayce going to be able to keep their team chemistry on the right track?

Quotes to Remember: "The only thing that is going to stop me from punching Nate in the face is my fear of Billy." - Feits

"We're playing a squad that is put together visually, I feel like Feits dresses up a lot, I know Kayce is very visual." - Billy

Analysis: If Feits/Kayce can avoid a self-inflicted wound of yelling at each other, they should be in good shape. As for Billy/Nate, they have to ensure they don't get too cocky.

Question 1 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 2 - Total Blocks

Match 2 - Dana/Nick vs. Liz/Trysta

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History: Dana making debut, Nick 1-2, Liz 3-2, Trysta 1-0

Storylines to Know: What will Dana Beers bring to the table? He is the lone rookie today, however, he has already called out one of his opponents in major fashion.

Quotes to Remember: "Fuck Trysta, I want to destroy Trysta, bury her 6 feet under, fuck her, let's be honest. At the end of the day, I want her 6 feet under. Idk why, but fuck her." - Dana Beers

"I know that Dana doesn’t like me very much, no idea why, I saw the quote, all I can say is I hope it's a highly competitive game, I have nothing negative to say. I do hope the diet finally starts on Monday." - Trysta

Analysis: What will be the results of this pregame trash talk? Will Dana use two hands as a rookie? Liz also is coming off her 50 burger win, we'll see if there are any effects from that.

Question 3 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 4 - Total Blocks


Match 3 - Donnie/Vibbs vs. Big Ev/Glenny

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History: Donnie, 1-1, Vibbs 3-1, Big Ev 1-2, Glenny 1-2

Storylines to Know: All you need to know is that it's the return of GLENNY BALLS. The man himself has. been nothing short of electric inside the Triple S, and will most likely tape himself up once again today. Vibbs has a very quiet 3-1 record, and can be one of the first to four wins with a victory as well.

Quotes to Remember: "Glenny will lose in Jenga because no man who has never eaten a raspberry has the stones to beat me in Jenga." - Donnie

"Vibbs and Donnie don’t intimidate me much, my games have been good, I'm good at Jenga, nobody intimidates me out there in the world." - Glenny

Analysis: Big Ev and Glenny have two of the highest ABM's (average blocks/match) in the office. Glenny's is at 42.7 and Big Ev is at 40.3. On the flip side, Vibbs has one of the smallest ABM's at 26.3. The longer the match, the more it favors. Big Ev/Glenny.

Question 5 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 6 - Total Blocks (Exact Number)


Also, here are the corresponding block numbers for each match, which is especially important for Question 6:

Kayce/Dana/Donnie - 0/4/8/12/16/20/24/28/32/36/40/44/48

Billy/Liz/Ev - 1/5/9/13/17/21/25/29/33/37/41/45/49

Feits/Nick//Vibbs - 2/6/10/14/18/22/26/30/34/38/42/46

Nate/Trysta/Glenny - 3/7/11/15/19/23/27/31/35/39/43/47/50

We are live inside the Triple S at 1 PM, with Jeff D. Lowe and in the booth and Mr. Commenter down on the sidelines. Hope you can join us.