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The Greatest Play In Sports This Weekend Was This Absurd Cricket Save

That Alvin Kamara 50-yard run was pretty spectacular. I'm sure there were some decent plays in the NBA over the weekend. Corey Perry's double overtime goal to keep the Dallas Stars alive in the Stanley Cup Final. It was a decent weekend of sports around the world. 

But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, even comes close to this preposterously silly save from Nicholas Pooran in the IPL yesterday. 

The fact that he was able to this ball in the first place was ridiculous. He had to jump so far beyond the boundary just to get a hand on it. But then if Nicholas Pooran would have came down with the ball, the Rajasthan Royals would have been awarded a maximum 6 runs. It wouldn't matter if he caught the ball or not. So in order to save his team from getting all those runs hung on them, he had to not only catch the ball but also throw it back into play before hitting the ground. And that's exactly what this sick bastard was able to do. 


Unfortunately it was all for nothing since the Kings XI Punjab pulled an Atlanta Falcons here and were on the receiving end of the biggest comeback in league history. But we don't have to talk about that. That save was unreal and that's all that matters. Sick bastard.