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The Chick Who Was Dany's Body Double On 'Game of Thrones' Is A Complete Rocket Who Is Now Dominating A Talent Search Show To Join A Girl Band

I'm pretty sure Rosie Mac is just like Boobie Miles. She's hot, she can act AND SHE CAN SING! Now who is Rosie Mac? She was Dany's body double on Game of Thrones and let me tell you. She's an absolute rocket. Here, take a look for yourself - it's the whole point of the blog anyways: 

Yep, that's Dany through and through. I know Emilia Clarke is Dany, but the body double deserves some respect on the name. And now she's trying out for some band called Little Mix. I'll be honest, I couldn't tell you one thing about them except they have a show in England and are looking for a new band member. As a completely unbiased person, she should win the gig. Need more Rosie Mac in our lives. 

PS: Never forget that Emilia Clarke said her nude scene was no body double. Shout out both Khaleesi's.