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I Wish Mitch Trubisky Was An Asshole But He's Not

This was tough to watch, but of course Mitch met the media, took the blame and answered questions honestly while being respectful to his coaches and teammates. That is Mitch Trubisky. The guy who does everything right...right up until the ball is snapped. He carries himself exactly how you'd want a face of the franchise to do so. He seems like he puts in a TON of work. It seems as though his teammates really value him as a person. He just isn't the right guy for the job. And that is not really his fault either. He didn't draft himself ahead of Watson and Mahomes. He didn't make the franchise cut ties with Jay Cutler. He is good dude and a mediocre quarterback. Unfortunately the second half of that last sentence is more important in the NFL so Mitch is out. Rightfully out. And it sucks because I think EVERYONE looks at this kid and wants the best for him. I know I do. I said this yesterday

I meant that genuinely. I hope Mitch goes somewhere and the light fully comes on under a different coach and he is able to a long and successful career in the NFL. You want good guys to be successful. This would be so much easier if Mitch were a complete fucking asshole like Jeff George or Geno Smith. That isn't the case. Mitch is a good teammate, a hard worker, a nice guy, and a leader who takes accountability. He just can't read coverages effectively and makes drive killing decisions and when the clock is ticking on the Bears window with Nagy, Pace, and guys like Khalil Mack you can't wait around. It's time for Big Dick Nick

The Bears are 3-0. Everyone should be happy. And everyone should appreciate Mitch. We broke down this decision and everything else with the Bears, Cubs, and Sox on Redline Radio. Listen now.