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Wake Up With Bam Adebayo's High School Mixtape

Talk about a grown ass man in high school. He legit looks like the same person now as an All-Star for the Heat. Oh, and the guy who just kicked the Celtics ass and eliminated them. Well, him and Spo. Spo ran complete laps around Brad Stevens because of Bam. The fact he lets him go run that point-center spot, use his passing and playmaking, Stevens couldn't matchup with him. And then when he thought he did, Spo would just bring him to set a screen on Kemba, who is a HUGE defensive liability, to get the mismatch. It was a masterclass in coaching. And how did game 6 end? Bam just taking over the 4th quarter. The dude had three possessions in a row where I'm pretty sure he smiled seeing Theis/Hayward on him and had a dunk, an and-1 finish and a pass for a layup. 

Pretty, pretty good.