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The Cowboys Lose To The Seahawks But They’re Going To Be Unstoppable On Offense All Season

What. Did I say about Tyler Lockett??? What did I say about DK? And Russ? I mean pretty much everything I thought would happen… happened. 

And somehow, someway, it was STILL tight up until the final minute. Incredible.

And what did I say about there being points? Scoring everywhere, including points that didn’t even get on the board. Zuerlein missed not one but TWO extra points. DK Metcalf inexplicably decided not to finish off a bomb from Russ and got stripped a yard short of a 63 yard TD, resulting in a turnover. 

AND THERE WERE STILL 68 POINTS (the over was 57 LOL). Dak was 37-57 for 472 yards and 3 TDs, while Russ did indeed cook to the tune of 27-40 and 315 yards and 5 TDs (and that doesn’t count DK’s gaffe). 

In. Sane. 

For real, the Cowboys had no business being in this game, and not just because the normally lethal Metcalf left 7 points on the 1 yard line. Yet with under 4:00 left in the game, the Cowboys were up 31-30 and it took a last second INT to put the final nail in the Cowboys’ coffin. As I noted in the Friday preview blog, “I see Lockett being completely unguardable. We will have no answer for him.” And guess what? He was unguardable to the tune of 9 catches, 100 yards, and three touchdowns. Ouch. 

Truth to be told, I am AS encouraged as a human can be after an L (and a 1-2 start). We got some things to work out, particularly our secondary (this will be a season long trend) but I am VERY excited about Diggs’ development, because although he got toasted several times he did hustle to strip DK and save a touch, and he led the team in tackles. That’s big playing for a rookie, and he’s going to be an important part of us preventing an onslaught of deep balls that might just send us into 8-8 land. Speaking of encouraging, can we talk about Aldon Smith? The man was a monster out there. 4 solo tackles (2 for losses) and 3 sacks. THREE. He’s the sole reason Russ didn’t throw for 500. What a pick up he’s been.

The schedule gets easier and no matter what, the NFC East is trash vomit so pretty much no matter what we’re going to the playoffs (Eagles for the tie HAHAHAHA). So hey, that’s encouraging, too!!  

So yeah, we lost to Chef Russ and that lethal Seahawks offense on the road. But we were in it until the very end once again, and this offense will not be stopped all year long. It’s going to be a wild ride, and if the defense can improve even a little bit? Look out. 

We’re on to Cleveland. 

PS CeeDee with another huge game for a rookie, five catches for 65 yards and even running out of the backfield and returning punts. They clearly want to get him involved as much as possible, and I am HERE FOR IT. Buy a shirt!

For a full breakdown on the rise and fall of the final two minutes of this Seahawks Cowboys game, link is below. It was a little chaotic given that I was probably 2 minutes delayed through it all.