J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK! Colts Annihilate The Jets 36-7

Utter domination! I told you guys the Colts were going to spank the Jets. It's not much to brag about considering we went up against the worst team in the NFL, but it still feels nice to predict the future. This was truly the most boring blowout I've ever seen. Old Man Rivers had a quiet 200-yard 1 TD game along with Jonathan Taylor getting a TD. The defense however went fucking nuts all game.

3 INT's, 2 Pick 6's, and a safety! Sam was seeing ghosts all game and I'm not talking T.Y. Hilton. It was so bittersweet witnessing this defense demolish the Jets because I really like Sam Darnold and you should too. It's not his fault that he has to play with a 1st team All-Injured offense and has to follow whatever Adam Gase says. Speaking of Gase, is he getting his practice facility pass access denied tomorrow morning?? He should NOT have a job this week or at least by week 8. Just watch and listen to all of the Jets fans at Lucas Oil today.

Jets fans, there may have only been a handful of you guys at Lucas Oil since we can only occupy 7,500 fans, but just know that every Colts fan in the building today joined the Fire Gase movement. Sam Darnold doesn't deserve this, Frank Gore doesn't deserve this, and you guys especially don't deserve this. 


On to the Bears. Mantis vs Barstool Chicago. Rivers vs Foles? I can't wait. Go horse and go Jeremy Chinn.