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If A Team Can Pull Off An In-Game Dudley Boyz 3D, They Should Be Allowed To Without Penalty



I have figured it out. I have figured football out. What they need to continue evolving the game- finishing moves. Fuck yes. If a team can pull off a Dudley Boyz 3D in game,



 they should 100% be allowed to, without penalty. In fact, you know what, the player they do it to gets eliminated from the game. 

Now, I guess you can't allow some moves. Like we can't have Will Compton out there giving someone the Stink Face. Would send a bad message to the kids. But if he hits someone with a Stunner? Or a Rock Bottom? Then absolutely yes. 

I also want to see a fucking Edge spear when someone hurdles. Just out of nowhere a blindside spear while he's hanging in mid-air. Also legal in my book.



The 3D might not be soon, but this one is only a matter of time with how many people are hurdling these days. And I cannot wait.