How Do You Guys Feel About This Hike?



How you guys feeling about this hike? Is fear real, or something our brain imagines to scare us from doing things we can do? Because think about it- if this same walk was 6 inches off the ground, we could all do it, right? So in a vacuum, shouldn't we be able to do that same walk a mile off the ground? Pretty interesting concept that I've been racking my brain about for the last 2 hours. And I've come to the conclusion that I would fall so fucking fast it would actually be humorous. Like I wouldn't even get CLOSE to being able to do this. I'd be going down the side of that mountain like those lunatics over in England chasing cheese down the hill. 




This is the part of the blog where I start going down an IG rabbit hole and start contemplating how so many of us spend our days and nights in our tiny apartments and then there are people who spend their days and nights going on scenic hikes, climbing mountains, and seeing the world. 



It's pretty crazy sometimes when you realize how much the world has to offer. I hope I see it one day.





But I'll hard pass on the jumps.




Anyway, I don't know, I just like looking at the world. Sometimes it brings me down, ya know? Like we get a very limited time on this Earth and so many of us spend it working, chasing money, being depressed, and scrolling Twitter. Kinda bums me out sometimes. I'm not sure 2021 is the year of travel, but maybe 2022? 2023? It'll happen. We'll get there. Let's believe.