DK Metcalf Just Leon Lett'd Himself


Noooooo. Pain if you're a Metcalf fantasy owner, a Cowboys hater, a Seahawks fan, or anyone who just likes DK Metcalf. He had Trevon Diggs burnt by a country mile, but he thought he had him burnt by 3. Just a brutal brain fart for Metcalf to put the breaks on at the 5 yard line. It was as if he remembered he left the stove on and completely shut down. Dude just score the touchdown and then send a text about the stove after. I feel like the NFL is good for a few of these types of plays a year. We saw DeSean Jackson do something similar not too long ago,



DK will be fine. But we need the Seahawks to win this game so he can shake it off a little easier. And so the entire NFC East loses today. Sure the Eagles technically tied, but they lost. Boy did they lose.