The 2-1 Cleveland Browns Officially Have Me Using The P Word


For the first time in in 6 years......2,114 days......84 games......your Cleveland Browns are above .500. That's right baby, we're 2-1!!! And now people across the league have to be asking, are the Browns going to make the playoffs?

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No, I'm not kidding you. With 13 regular season games to go, the Browns are still in the hunt. I can't remember the last time we were still in the mix this late into the season. And here's the thing: I know we've beaten the Football Team and the Bengals, but this schedule ain't getting too much tougher…

Listen, I know it's far too early. But the Browns also haven't been in a position like this since 2014, so can you let me have my moment? I don't care if our defense looked bad at times today against a terrible Washington offense. I don't care if Baker had some really, really frustrating moments against a bad Washington defense. The fact of the matter is that the Browns are 2-1 and the season isn't over on September 27th. Plus, our running game is far and away the best in the league. Nick Chubb is hands down the best running back in the NFL and I won't even listen to arguments that say otherwise. And then we come back with Kareem Hunt. 170 yards and 3 touchdowns between the two. What a one-two punch. So yes, Baker does need to figure it out, especially with OBJ and Landry not really getting much action today, but the running game is so good that it's allowing everyone time to work out the obvious kinks.

AND WE'RE 2-1! How could you complain? There should be nothing but smiles across the state of Ohio this afternoon, partially because of the Browns record and partially because of our old friend, Dwayne Haskins, and how he played today. 3 picks and a fumble lost? What a way to continue to make the great state of Ohio happy. I mean, Chubb and Kareem Hunt ran well today, but Haskins may have been the most valuable player on the field for the Brownies today. And who knew our defense was such a turnover machine?

Haters please exit the blog.

Okay guys I hate to look too far ahead, but Week 4 @ the Cowboys may be the biggest game in Browns history. Do NOT let us win at Dallas. That is one we SHOULD lose. If the NFL wants to keep us out of the playoffs, they need to beat us when we're supposed to be beaten. Because as I look down the schedule and see games like the Bengals, Colts, Eagles, Raiders, Giants, and Jets, this team has a legitimate chance to win a lot of games. Could you imagine coming back to Cleveland at 3-1 with the Colts on the docket? Gosh, this feels good. 2-1. A winning record. Please, just let me have my moment.