Joe Burrow Deserves An Award For Surviving This Hit

That's a car accident. Without the car, or the seatbelt, or airbags. Joe Burrow was a Honda Civic that never saw an F-350 running a stop sign and plowing through his soul. I cannot imagine standing up within 24 hours of receiving a hit like this. You'd find my corpse embedded into that turf centuries from now with a few layers of dust on my helmet and pads. That's an inhuman amount of carnage to take. Zero feet on the ground, completely horizontal, head jolting open like a Pez dispenser in a hyper infants hands. This was also the sixth hit the Bengals offensive line allowed in the first half. They need to go into this next draft and take no less than seven offensive linemen just to make sure their franchise quarterback can still walk by the time he's 25.