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The Official Answer To Why New York City Has The Best Bagels (Its Not The Water)

GothamistNew York City boasts the best bagels in the world. Hands down, no arguments (pipe down, Canada). For generations, the idea that NYC water makes our bagels (and pizza) the very best has been pervasive, with bakeries outside of the city even trying to replicate our famously delicious H2O. But now, thanks to food science and the below YouTube video by Reactions, we know that it’s notonly the water that plays a role in our superlative ringed bread product. It’s also about methodology and patience, as crafting the ideal bagel requires both skill and time, as laid out in the video. You’ve got to have the right process of “rolling, proofing, boiling and baking” to get it just right.

For years everyone has just said “its the water” as the reason why we have the best bagels and pizza. Welp, turns out thats not true. It never really made sense if you asked me. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks and all those chains have terrible bagels and they’re all in New York City and use the same water. Nope, turns out just being really fucking awesome bagel and pizza makers is the difference. I mean who knew about the boiling and the grilling and shit? I had no idea thats how you made a bagel. Thought you just popped those things in an oven like Subway bread and, POOF, you’ve got yourself a bagel. I was way off. Shit is intricate as fuck. Like a whole science experiment. And it turns out everyone in New York is like the Heisenberg of bagels.

And you can actually count on my opinion in this matter because I despise 99% of all things New York. The people, the sports, the prices, the Asians, the list goes on and on, I hate all of it. So I’m not just some NYC homer that will tell you everything we do is the best. But even I know there’s simply no denying bagels and pizza belong to New York. As a matter of fact they are 2 of the 4 main pillars that out weigh all the other shitty stuff to make it worth living in this city. Its Bagels, Pizza, the ability to make a shit ton of money, and tons and tons of people looking to have sex regularly. Those are the 4 reasons to live in New York. So I tip my cap to all the bakers and the Mexicans at your favorite bagel shop or pizza place. All your secret baking techniques – not just the soft water – are one of the only reasons people live in this godforsaken hell hole we call New York City.