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The Colts Are Going To Smack The Jets So Bad That Adam Gase May No Longer Be The Head Coach After Today (4:05PM Kickoff)

IT'S GAMEDAY BABY! It's a beautiful day for the Jets to land safely into Lucas Oil and get annihilated by the Boys in Blue. I hope KFC has bottles of aspirin on deck because he's going to need it by halftime. Hell, he might need to start taking some after the first series depending on how Adam Gase's playcalls. The Colts are coming off a great win against the Vikings and will most certainly carry this momentum against the worst team in the NFL. There's no doubt about it. I have a better chance of getting laid than the Jets winning today! Yeah, that's how confident I am. Sad but true.

The fun thing about being a Colts fan is mostly every game is unpredictable. The Jets could win today if we want them too. With that being said, the Colts can easily blow out the Jets if they follow these 3 objectives.

Stay Away From Quinnen Williams

Quinnen Williams is easily the best player on the Jets defense right now. He showed out last week against the 49ers and is an absolute monster. The Colts live and play the phrase "Run The Damn Ball" and have no reason not to let Jonathan Taylor and Jordan Wilkins pound the run game today. They need to run the ball the opposite side of wherever Quinnen is coming from. That simple. 

Give Sam Darnold Hell

Sam Darnold is the Jet's only hope. Their run game is atrocious, they barely have any WR's alive, but they still have Sam who is a good QB. Unfortunately for Sam, he's going up against the three headed monster that includes DeForest Buckner, Darius Leonard, and Kenny Moore. There's a great possibility Sam may see ghosts again and will have to rely on former Colt/future Hall of Famer Frank Gore to run the ball on us. It's unbelievable to say but Frank Gore is still a beast and could easily give us some trouble. 

Hit Our Field Goals

We all know how important the kicking game is. Not only for the Colts, but just about every NFL team. Everyone and anyone can miss an extra point when you least expect it. Rodrigo 'Hot Rod' Sanchez went 4/4 last week and crushed his home opener. As long as he goes 100% today, we won't have to worry about any points being left on the field towards the last 2 minutes.

Prediction: Colts 30 - Jets 10

I couldn't be more confident in winning today. We're playing against a beat up roster that consists of 10 players that were on the Colts a few years ago. Rivers is going to have a day, our defense is going to be flying everywhere, it's going to be a bad day to be a JET. Go horse and go Jeremy Chinn.