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VIDEO: LSU Fans Are Not Handling Their Loss Well

This is just sad to watch.

LSU fans should've seen this coming.

LSU lost from their 2019 team: 

- 94% of its passing yds 

- 71% of rushing yds 

- 49% of receiving yds 

- Its starting RG, C, LG and LT 

- All 4 starting LBs 

- 4 of its top 5 tacklers 

- 7 total defensive starters 

-OC Joe Brady and DC Dave Aranda.

And that's not including Derek Stingley and J'Marr Chase, who both didn't play today.

The difference between LSU and Alabama is that video. Alabama fans?  They'd never do this. At least not somebody that kids age. They know what a disappointing loss feels like. LSU? They don't know how to rebound after an awful loss after a big season.