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The Giants Face The Reigning NFC Champion 49ers In What Is Essentially A Niners Home Game And Look To Shock The World

Kamil Krzaczynski. Shutterstock Images.

Lots of talk this week about all the injuries the 49ers have piled up, mostly because it is pretty fucking ridiculous when you include that Nick Bosa, Richard Sherman, Deebo Samuel, Solomon Thomas, and Tevin Coleman are also on IR.

Despite all that, they are still favorites in the Barstool Sportsbook app, which tells me nobody believes in us still. Hell, this is pretty much a Niners home game considering they've played at MetLife Stadium as much as the Giants have this season as well as more recently than the Giants have this season, didn't even fly back to San Fran (the locals hate it when you call it that) but instead chose to stay in some fancy West Virginia resort after their blowout victory against the Jets, and there are no Giants fans allowed at the game. So with the odds completely stacked against the Giants a week after they lose their best player for the season in what is essentially a Must Win game. I've never had the privilege of meeting Coach Judge but he strikes me as someone who loves when people count him out, which is why we are going with the shock the world theme to fire up the troops.

Even though the Niners are a deep team, I imagine the pass rush the Giants face this week won't exactly be equal to the chaos the Steelers and to a lesser degree the Bears unleashed on Daniel Jones. Hopefully Jason Garrett lets Danny Dimes cook a little more now that the running game is being manned by a three-non-generational-running-back-headed-monster while the defense keeps up the improvements they've showed in the first two games and is able to contain the Shanahan Ground Game that could even turn my fat ass into a 1000 yard back.

Speaking of running, I wouldn't be doing my job as the driver of the Danwagon if I didn't post this tweet.



Players To Watch:

Nick Mullens: 

The last time the Giants faced the 49ers, Nick Mullens was their quarterback and the darling of America since he went to the same school and wore the same number as America's former darling Brett Favre. Mullens almost won that game against the admittedly trash 2018 Big Blue defense, so I am not counting him out of anything.

Devonta Freeman: 

Honestly I just want to see how fast Freeman looks in 31 compared to how fast he looked in 24, even though I already know the answer.

I also hope that the Giants backfield is the epitome of an equal running back by committee share since I don't have any of their RBs on my fantasy team.

The MetLife Turf: 


Pretty much the most talked about entity in this game was the field at MetLife Stadium. Kyle Shanahan cried about it while Coach Judge essentially told him to kick rocks after he watched his generational running back's knee tear apart on the Soldier Field grass. I don't wish for any injuries to happen but at least being in the heads of the opponent that they might happen is some Bill Parcells level mind games, which I'll gladly take. Actually I forgot we are going with the angle that this is a road game for the Giants. Clearly the 49ers know all the bad spots on the field which make this a massive advantage for them and something Coach Judge will have to overcome.

Prediction: 27-23 Giants. Please for the love of God let us win this game against the Niners B Team because I'm sick of doing all these laps without any results since my waist sure as shit isn't shrinking now that football foods are back in my life.