The Big Hurt Called Last Night's Sox Game An "Embarrassment"

PREACH FRANK!!! I've bit my tongue a lot since last night, for two reasons.

1. Sox fans are emotional as FUCK right now, myself included, and I didn't want to say shit without fully thinking last night's mess through and
2. A lot of baseball fans in general don't know what the fuck they're talking about 

I am not in any way pissed off at Cease' performance. In fact, I thought it was the best he's looked this entire season. He's still got a LONG ways to go in more than one realm of pitching, but last night he flashed how dominant he could be. He made Anthony Rizzo, among others, look fucking STUPID on a few pitches. But then of course he gave up 3 bombs to players who have been complete dog shit the majority of the season. Baseball happened - those players were due, and those players got the better of him physically. Ya live, ya learn. Whatever, I am not mad at that at all. I was happy with the improvements he made start over start. That's not to say he was good, it's to say that he had a start to build off of. He flashed 100, had a wicked slider, and spotted a few changeups in fastball counts. Dylan Cease is a work in progress and I won't be shocked to see him go off for 12 strikeouts over 7 shut out innings in an upcoming start. I just don't think that start will be until 2021.

I've corroborated this with another couple baseball guys to make sure I'm not crazy. I'm not some baseball savant, but do know a little bit about the game. In checks Carl with this text: 

And Ozzie Guillen Jr, who I had a long phone call with today, who was over the moon with how good Cease looked. I'm trying my best here to get Sox fans to look at his outing from 30,000 feet and not the box score that says he gave up the 3 runs. I wish those home runs were fly outs, but they weren't. Who fucking cares about that.

What I do care about is the complete lack of intensity on the field. I'm not going to single anyone out, but the Cubs were playing like it was game 7 of the World Series. The Sox? Pitchers weren't covering 1B on ground balls to 1B, they were dropping balls at home plate to allow runs to score, getting crossed up on signs, and just generally looked like they were dragging fucking ass. That, and I haven't even gotten into Cordero plunking Contreras. 


Complete and total BUSH LEAGUE baseball. Get the fuck out of my face with that. Now, if the Sox wouldn't have raised hell on Brad Keller last year when he plunked Anderson for flipping his bat, I wouldn't have given a shit if Cordero plunked Contreras too. It's the playing both sides of the fence that bothers me. Rick Hahn even alluded to it on 670 The Score this morning. Fuck out of my face wit that shit. If you wanna get back at them, get back at them on the goddamn diamond. 

Double standard.

And Yolmer Sanchez pitching in the 9th was disgusting as well. Marshall just got pulled off the IL, give him an inning to get back in a rhythm. I'm furious Sanchez is even on the roster in place of Mendick, let alone giving up bombs to SS's fucking around and hitting from the left side just as a big FUCK YOU to the team in the other side of the dugout. That whole thing made me fucking sick to my stomach.

But the good thing is that last night was the worst they could possibly play and they face a meat LHP tonight. Eloy is out for the series which completely blows, but what the fuck ever. Go and tee off on Lester, win a fucking baseball game, then tee off on Quintana tomorrow before the playoffs start.

That, and show some goddamn life. This team is as talented as any team in baseball. Let's see if they have balls to pair with that talent now. New season starts tonight. I expect them to play like it's win or go home and nothing less.


PS - didn't check for grammar errors or anything, but didn't see any red squiggly lines so if there are typos or grammar errors go fuck yourself if you point them out. I don't care. The point of the blog is abundantly clear.