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Corey Perry Is All The Proof You Need That The Hockey Gods Exist

There are certain rules that all men should live their lives by. Just some codes of conduct on how to be a man of character, honor, and integrity. One of those rules is that you should never spear another man directly in the nuts. 

Corey Perry is not a man of character, honor, or integrity. 

Now it's one thing to spear a guy in the nuts like an absolute fucking bastard. But to do it in the final minute of a tied game in the Stanley Cup Final? It is such a stupid and idiotic decision for any rational human to make, especially a guy who has won the Cup before. But again, Corey Perry is not a man of honor or integrity, so it's not all too surprising. 

What is surprising, however, were the refs who buffoonishly decided to hit Brayden Point with an embellishment call to go along with the Worm's spear. Brayden Point was just on the receiving end of an impromptu vasectomy and somehow the stripes are going to send him to the box? Completely asinine. Makes no sense whatsoever, and the officials from last night's game should be ashamed of themselves. 

Fortunately for the hockey world, though, the Hockey Gods exist. And as soon as Brayden Point received an embellishment penalty for taking that stick to the sack, you knew there was no possible way the Bolts were going to lose that game. If you believed in the Hockey Gods even just a little, you would have hammered that live line on the Lightning to win in OT. Because Corey Perry pissed off the Gods, and it was time for them to even this one out. 

Okay so this call on Jamie Benn. First off, let me start by saying that I hate this call. Jamie Benn is a big boy and Tyler Johnson is smol. This is just one man having a drastic physical advantage over the other and that's a good hard hockey play in overtime. Without all the context of everything that transpired before these events, I'd be furious that this call eventually led to the Stars losing this game. Swallow the whistle and let the boys play. 

But this wasn't the refs' call to make. This was the Hockey Gods getting their revenge on Corey Perry. He is the #1 reason why this call was made. Perhaps the Gods would have been more lenient on him if Brayden Point didn't receive the embellishment call, but that wasn't the case. So they had to really blast Corey Perry in the ass for that one. And if that means that Jamie Benn has to sit in the box for a preposterously soft call and watch his team go down 3-1 in the Cup Final? Well then so be it. 

Live by the Worm, die by the Worm. The Hockey Gods are real and they proved themselves to be last night. You can bitch at the refs all you want, but we all know what happened here. Corey Perry tried to make a deal with the devil, but the Hockey Gods said not today. And now the Tampa Bay Lightning are just 1 win away from winning their 2nd Stanley Cup in franchise history. All because of a gutless cup check. 

Bolts in 6.