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The Marlins Are Back In The Playoffs And We Have To Talk About Their Unreal Hype Song Sung By Scott Stapp From Creed

What a story coming out of Miami this season. The Marlins had a ton of players wiped out early on from Covid-19, they rebound and make a run in this sprint of a season and clinch their first playoff appearance in 17 seasons. They were expected to be one of the bottom teams in all of baseball and just punched their ticket into October. You know the stats, every time they make the playoffs they win the World Series, not sure that is going to happen this season but we'll see. 

But lets not focus on the Marlins, lets talk more about their throwback pump up song called "Marlins Will Soar" performed by none other than Creed head man, Scott Stapp! Absolute BANGER here by Scotty. Music video is fantastic too, everything about this screams Marlins baseball. This is this seasons "Rally Monkey" and I'm here for it. I know the song isn't new and they show skinny Hanley Ramirez in the video, but the Marlins team is out of their mind if they don't adopt this for the rest of their games in the playoffs. Do the right thing and give us an updated version of this with some current Marlins like..... Sixto Sanchez? Brian Anderson? Idk thats all I got. HIT IT SCOTT!