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Corey Perry Stabbed Brayden Point Directly In The Nuts And Drew An Embellishment Call



Corey Perry will be getting away with shit like this until the year 2040, it seems. Incredible that he's able to go fishing for Brayden Point's nuts like he's filming season 3 of Barstool Outdoors and draw an embellishing penalty. Remarkable that with his reputation, and you know, his stick directly between Point's legs, he still drew a call here to go along with his own 2 minutes for interference. I have a feeling that Point was falling onto the ground because of the entire stick in his gonads thing. Message to all players- next time someone is whacking you in your dick and or balls, you better not react or it's straight to the sin bin for ya. It's better to lose a nut than lose a game, that's what I always say.