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Heartwarming: Fernando Tatis, Sr. Is Helping Fernando Tatis, Jr. Get Out Of His Slump With Some Hitting Advice

This is fucking adorable. As our good friend Rico Bosco would say, "some things are bigger than sports". I say that knowing fully that this is based around Jr. struggling at the dish to a tune of these stats in September...

…but to me, this has nothing to do with sports at the same time. It has everything to do with the bond between a father and a son, and how a father is helping his struggling son out of a shitty situation. Throw baseball out the window in this case. 

Now with all of that said, I still fucking hate Fernando Tatis, Jr.'s guts for completely irrational and petty reasons. That is all I have to say about that. 

Go White Sox, beat the fuck out of those cocky assholes tonight. Happy Friday ya'll. 

Oh PS his new bat is fuego