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Kristin Cavallari Appears to Be Rebounding From Divorcing Jay Cutler Reasonably Well

TMZ - Jay Cutler must've gotten all of Kristin Cavallari's bikini tops in the divorce ... 'cause his ex just posed for a flaming-hot topless pic on a boat!!

It's clear, the single life looks great on the 33-year-old reality TV star ... who flaunted her post-breakup bod on IG while wearing a white thong bikini Thursday.

"Pretending it’s Positano ✨," Cavallari said in her caption ... which is actually pretty interesting, considering that was a stop on her honeymoon with the ex-NFL QB in 2013.

Kristin recently spoke with People about her breakup with Cutler ... saying the two are still on great terms, but adding it "just didn't work out."

"And, that's -- that's it," Cavallari said of the divorce. "There was no real drama. There was no scandal. There was no nothing."

Well this a relief. I don't need to state the obvious that break ups can be hard, even under the best of circumstances. But when a couple has been together for 10 years the way Cavallari and Cutler were, when there is marriage and children involved, you lives become so intertwined that it can't ever be easy to make a clean break and go on with your own life. 

I mean, you see it all the time. When relationships become so involved that it turns into co-dependency. Like two trees that grow too close that their branches and roots become tangled. In those situations, usually only one gets the sunlight. The other lives in its shadow, withers and dies. 

So I'm happy for Kristin. Being married to a cultural icon like an NFL quarterback can't be easy. And even so many non-famous married people seem to get so caught up in their spouse's life and career that they lose their own identity. That sense of self that is so vital to being a fully secure adult. And all too often, they let themselves go and wind up lonely and isolated. I'm glad this isn't happening in her case. Kristin Cavallari is a fully functioning, strong, independent woman who is nowhere close to reaching her peak. And I for one applaud her poignant message of female empowerment.

At a moment like this, please excuse my feminist patois when I say, "You go girl."