Conor McGregor Just Tweeted Out DMs With Dana White And Then Said He's Fighting Manny Pacquiao In The Middle East

Looks like Conor McGregor is taking a page outta Kanye's playbook today and firing off some screenshots of DM exchanges for all the world to see, and hell - they've been pretty fascinating to read! Who knew how much Dana loved callin Conor "kid"?!

So this was all provoked by Ultimate Fighter legend Diego Sanchez (6-7 in his last 13, having been knocked out brutally in 3 of those) asking for a final fight with McGregor, and McGregor claiming he wants/wanted it as well - which is just preposterous. It may go down as the single most absurd ask Conor has ever had and it's impossible to defend. Diego Sanchez is an unranked old man with no chin (that many fans fear is already experiencing early signs of CTE when he talks about believing that he absorbs and harnesses energy from different realms and shit), and I understand that Conor respects the greats and may just be trying to give Diego one final payday with this, but like Dana said....the UFC would lose their promoter's license if they put that on. Why don't we put on Khabib vs Bobby Fox while we're at it?

Anyway tho, my main takeaways from these interesting couple screenshots are this:

-Dana calling Conor "kid" CONSTANTLY is a big time power move. Hey kid. Kid kid kid kid kid kid. I can't imagine Conor loves that.

-Conor seems to be mad at Dana for originally planning on letting him be the backup for the Khabib/Tony fight, via his request, forgetting that he himself requested that. When Dana reminds him that this is specifically what Conor wanted to do, he just hits him with a "GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!" which is equivalent to the ol' Chappelle water spill in hilarity....

-It's interesting that these guys DM and don't text, but Instagram DM is also how I communicate with Uncle Dana so that may be his preferred method. #humblebrag

Dana White was quoted recently saying that he and Conor are back on good terms and talking again, and that he's got some "fun" things planned for him at the start of 2021 - I assume that means they're just waiting for the dust to settle on Khabib/Gaethje and give him the winner. Would be interesting!

UPDATE: Welp, as I hit publish on this blog Conor hit publish on these tweets….

Do I buy it? Eh. Not really. Not yet.

I asked Dana White about this potential matchup not too long ago and he didn't seem too concerned about it….