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Colin Cowherd Turns To Dave Portnoy To Defend His Carson Wentz Backwards Hat Take

Colin Cowherd went on a classic Cowherd rant yesterday about how Carson Wentz cannot represent the Eagles and their sponsors while wearing a backwards hat. He even brought the Eagles hat for a prop.

It lit the internet up because of how downright insane it looked, but he "doubled down" on Friday by citing none other than our very own fearless leader, Dave Portnoy. 

In classic Cowherd form he compared the Wentz situation to that of Dave's when going to the White House to interview President Trump a few months ago. 

"He's very popular on the interweb. His name is Dave Portnoy. He created Barstool Sports. He's very edgy, he can be very funny, he's very talented. Barstool Sports attacked me yesterday...very hurtful. They just ravaged me yesterday. So Dave Portnoy is this very raw you know hawaiin shirts, sometimes no shirts, very authentic in your face. It's very effective," Cowherd said of Dave.

"But it is interesting that a month ago he interviewed the President, and he wore a suit. And he was a real professional. And he was respectful. and he didn't swear. It's almost as if, kids, assignment matters. Location matters. Time matters. Most of you won't be as successful as Carson Wentz, or Dave, so maybe you just don't get it," Cowherd concluded.

Ohhh how the turn tables have...

I remember a time when Cowherd called Barstool out for being just a "t-shirt" company. Now, he's defending his takes by using our President as an example. 

Appreciate the air time, Uncle Colin.