A Breakdown Of Georgia's $3,700,000 Recruiting Budget In 2019

Kirby Smart recruits via helicopter.

Is it the best look when your players aren't getting paid?

No, but whatever. There is recruiting that needs to be done. 

How much recruiting? 3.7 million dollars worth.

Here's a look into the budget:

  • Arcade games at a cost of $8,880......is that not an NCAA violation?

  • Georgia staff members traveled on some 140 charter flights that totaled $850,610 through Georgia Jet and Atlanta Air Charter.

  • Another mode of transportation, The Kirby Copter as it’s become known, accounted for $83,260 in expenses.

  • Five Bar ($98,153), Saucehouse Barbecue ($48,154), Classic City Café ($26,621), Outback ($17,937), Champy’s Famous Fried Chicken (12,705), Carraba’s ($7,383) , Chickfil-A ($6,340) and LRG Provisions ($4,190)......Georgia loves Outback. Surprised not to see any 

  • $79,616 in charges for stays at Springhill Suites....sounds like a Spa where you'd get a rub & tug.

Overall, Georgia paid around 150k per recruit in the 2019 class and that's not including all the money spent on duffel bags if you know what I mean. 

Amateurism doesn't exist. Just pay the kids.