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ESPN Leaving Joe Flacco Off The Best Postseason QB Board Is The Most Egregious Omission In The History Of Omissions

flacco omission


What in the fuck is going on out here? Seriously, what is this? Is this a real thing that actually happened? How? Tony Romo? RG3!? Is this is the best postseason QB list or the never will win anything in the playoffs ever list? I can’t even begin to comprehend enough to understand what ESPN is doing. No Joe Flacco in sight?!???? He’s won more games in single postseasons ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS than Luck or Newton ever have, or RGIII ever will. 9-4 record! 11 TDs and 0 INTs in the Super Bowl run! Super Bowl MVP! Kick fucking rocks Crawford and Brunell and whatever dumb producer allowed this to go on the air. WORLD WIDE LEADER! EGREGIOUS!



h/t @crayburn13