Gains Don't Sleep!


Gains don't sleep bro! Doesn't matter what happened, you still gotta get your workout in. Dude didn't load up on 400 grams of Whey to be stuck in a funeral all day. When the pre-workout kicks in, you drop down and do your 'shups, rain, shine, or Supreme Court Justice death. It's what RBG would have wanted. Re2pect.


And don't think this is the last time you'll see someone do push-ups in front of a casket:



The number of live streams and wacky bits being done at the first Barstool funeral is going to be off the charts. On one side of the room the family is sobbing, on the other side Dave is yelling about Bitcoin and KFC is on Periscope while Smitty is doing push ups and Kate's smoking a cigarette. It'll be the most sad, hysterical day.