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Amazon Has New Drone That's Sole Mission Is To Scare The Shit Out Of Home Invaders


Amazon has unveiled a bizarre home surveillance drone that flies around your house when you're not there and keeps an eye out for intruders.

Unveiled by Ring, the firm's home security arm, the Always Home Cam can fly to check if the stove is off or the window is still open while the user is away.   

It consists of a flying black camera, powered by rotor blades, that automatically takes off from a stationary white dock if it detects movement in the house.

Look, you can basically equate anything that happens in Verdansk to something in real life. People got pissed off at me when I equated my CoD skills to the firework explosion in Beirut a few months back...

…but that's because those people are peasants that don't know how realistic war in Verdansk really is. Fucking idiots. But anyways, in this very instance of Verdansk doing it again, we're now domesticating recon drones to fiend off attackers. Yeah… this ain't gonna work IMO. Have you ever tried to operate a recon drone in Verdansk?

It's basically impossible. I have a .55 K/D which basically means I'm the Mike Trout of Call of Duty but those things are so goddamn clumsy. Always running into walls and trees and stuff… not to mention a single bullet can wipe it out in one fell swoop. Amazon can do basically anything but I promise you these recon drones just don't work. Call me old school, but I'll stick to all of the following ways to fiend off burglars and attackers:

- guard dogs
- assault rifles
- Saran Wrap taped to a wall with super glue loaded up on it with a fan that blows feathers on you as you walk through the door
- trip wires
- A BB gun aimed at your nut sack through a doggie door
- bouncing betties
- light switch strings tied to a duffle bag of heavy ass tools that unzips when you pull it

etc. etc. etc.

Sorry Bezos. Leave the recon drones in Verdansk. This just ain't practical and SPEAKING of Verdansk, the Hooliganz are live and have an insatiable appetite for death and victory. 

Come join!