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The Much Needed Celtics Miracle Begins Today

No other way to say it. The Celts need a miracle. Due largely to their own mistakes, an inability to hold massive leads and generally not play like assholes, we are where we are. Down 3-1 with the season on life support. The haters and losers are dancing on our graves and there is nothing you can do but suck it up and take it. We'd be insufferable as a fanbase up 3-1 so that's just how things work. Don't get triggered by it, this is what happens.

But they aren't dead yet.

There is a sliver of hope still out there. We've seen teams in this city pull off miracles before. Sure it was an entirely different sport, different circumstances blah blah blah but for the sake of my brain I'm combining the two. Just don't let them win today. That's all you can do. Take it one day and one game at a time. Can't win in 7 until you win Game 5. That puts the seed in everyone's head. The you come out and put the real pressure on by winning Game 6. How they do that I'm not quite sure but just go with me. Things get tied 3-3 and then it's pure chaos. Anything can happen. Everything that went down earlier in the series doesn't matter. We've seen this Celtics team already win a Game 7 against a tough opponent. Why couldn't they do it again?


By my unofficial count, the Celts have won 3 games in a row a total of 11 times this season. One of those came in the playoffs. It's not like this is something they've never done. Sure it's frustrating that they are even in this position to begin with, but when has this team ever made things easy? Never, that's when. If this is what it takes to get over the hump and make an NBA Finals, then so be it. If they lose and are out in 5 in a series they had no business losing, well then we kill them for it and move on. It's not like their window is closing or any of that bullshit. This team is young and their best days are still ahead. There are plenty of franchises that would love to be where the Celts are right now, let's not get overly dramatic about it. They don't need to trade everyone or fire their coach if they lose this series. Take a deep breath. It'll be annoying as fuck and you can rip them to shreds for blowing a prime opportunity, but don't even think about that negativity right now. We need to put positive energy into the universe.

So fuck it. Celts in 7. I'm going down with the ship because that's the only way I know how to live. 

Just don't let us win today.