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Flashback Feel Good Friday: Start Your Day Off With Charlie Bit Me

Football is back, the weather is as good as it's gonna get, and the weekend is almost here. So we are keeping the good vibes rolling with what has to be the most feel good video ever. Decades from now when robot historians study mankind once they defeat us in the great Man vs. Machine war that has already begun, they will try to figure out how the hell a random video of two cheeky baby Brits was so perfect. From the voices, to the cuteness of these lads, to even the notes of the "hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmm" in between bites. Everything about it is a 10. I watched this video so much back in the day that I was probably added to some sort of watch list. But I clearly wasn't alone since the OG here has more than 876 million views not to mention all the imitators that ripped and posted it for those delicious clicks.

Shout out to Charlie for making this magic possible and more importantly his big brother for not ruining it by bopping Chuck over the head for treating his finger as a snack because as a dad that clearly didn't learn anything from watching this video a zillion times, I can confirm that it HURTS when you stick a finger in a baby's mouth because those SOBs chomp down hard because they don't know any better.