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Ohh, Look What We Have Here: Minnesota Radio Host Says An Agent Of A 'Really Good Player, That's Friends With KAT Said Towns Is As Good As Gone'

First of all, this player is 100% Devin Booker, right? He's great friends with KAT. He's been in Southern California so I'm just gonna go ahead and guess there putting two and two together. But really this is just another offseason of Karl-Anthony Towns rumors. He needs to get out of Minnesota, even though they brought in his buddy D'Angelo Russell. Yes, they have picks 1 and 17 and can keep building but at some point, KAT needs something. They screwed up with Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler and now are trying to build through the draft. Not a bad idea, but KAT has to buy into it too. 

I'm not going to do the typical Knicks thing here and say they should bring him home. I'm not going to do a photoshop. I'm not going to read tweets like this and think about how Kenny Payne is going to try and build a Kentucky NBA team.

Nope, not going to get excited only for KAT to get traded to the Suns or some shit. Been down this road before, especially since KAT still has multiple years on his contract. It's not like he's about to be a free agent and we can get excited about this. Speaking of KAT, how about him dating Jordyn Woods? Feel like that is even more leading to Devin Booker being the player here with the Kardashain connection

Fuck it. Get Booker and KAT to the Knicks somehow.