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Machine Gun Kelly's New Pop Punk Album 'Tickets To My Downfall' Is Out And It's Awesome

The year 2020 has been a fucking rollercoaster to say the absolute very least. One of the guys who has made the most of this year has been Machine Gun Kelly. While transitioning from rapper to pop punk star he's also dated Kate Beckinsale, Sommer Rae, and now the love of his life Megan Fox. Teaming up with his producer Travis Barker, they dropped a pop punk album 'Tickets to My Downfall' and it is fantastic.

 Before 2020 I honestly don't know if I listened to one MGK song maybe aside from a few that he played a mini role in. His new rock shit has been so good that I spent Thursday waiting for midnight to happen just for this album to drop. Who am I? Spoiler alert, it's really fucking good. It sounds like something that belongs in the year 2001, but that kind of music will always play for me. 

We already had Bloody Valentine, my ex's best friend, and concert for aliens released separately, but holy moly the rest is good too. The big heater that headlines the drop is obviously 'forget me too' featuring Halsey, but I'm also a huge fan of 'lonely.'. It's crazy he was able to transition from rap to this. Had to delay the album release a few times because of covid and the death of his father, but man is this good. What a talented fella. I'll be listening to this all day. 

Oh yeah and here's some Megan Fox because it's Friday