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Pac-12 Hoops Was Bullied Into Changing Its Mind And Playing This Year, But Don't Worry, They Say It's Not About Money At All (Wink, Wink)

In the least shocking news of all time the Pac-12 decided to change its mind and start playing basketball on November 25 like the rest of the country (besides the Ivy League) instead of sometime in January. It's one of the biggest uhh, no doy decisions in the history of decisions. The Pac-12 being a major conference and the only one not to play is how you get destroyed in recruiting and get money taken away because of lack of NCAA Tournament teams.

Oh, but wait. They say it's not about money at all! Yeah, I'm sure it wasn't. College sports is NEVER about money. Can't think of one time a school made a decision in athletics based on money. Nope. It's never mentioned in the news or anything. It's always discussed how college athletics is set up perfectly and they do the best for kids and never think about making money. 

/and end sarcasm 

The real question is, is this the biggest lie ever told? This is a bigger lie than when someone told you that it was great and you did make them cum and you are the best they ever had. The only thing discussed here was money. This is what bothers me with college sports, specifically from the AD side. Just say what it is. You need to make the money and don't want to miss out on recruiting and the NCAA Tournament. 

All that said, through the lying and everything else, this is great for college hoops. Give us as many teams possible playing as early as possible. Give us every matchup possible in these de facto bubbles and controlled environments. See you on November 25, Pac-12. Welcome to college hoops.