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Steve Stone Is Pissed Off At Renteria's Bullpen Management, As Is The Entire Fanbase

I can't embed or see if there are more tweets than what is below because Steve Stone has every account I have access to blocked, but here's what I've seen so far from his Twitter feed via people sending me screen shots:

Just inexcusable bullpen management both the last two nights when they were walked off and tonight. Gio Gonzales in the 9th? Jose Ruiz in extras yesterday? Carlos Rodon, with the bases loaded, nobody out in what was his first appearance basically all year, and first out of the pen since like.... his rookie year? START THE FUCKING INNING WITH HIM AND LET HIM GET REACLIMATED TO FACING A BIG LEAGUE LINEUP. And yes, I know he was tossed from a two games this series and he wasn't exactly calling the shots after hitting the showers, but his staff was. The blame falls on him.

I mean what the FUCK was that??? I have always said that manager's don't really matter over the course of 162 or even 60 and that they all kinda even out, but this was just egregiously bad bullpen management in a non-playoff playoff series. Holy shit. Awful top to bottom. 

I ain't gonna sleep tonight, but thank god Stone is telling it like it is without actually telling it like it is. He's as smart a baseball guy as there is on the planet, and if he's as pissed off and puzzled as we all are, something is wrong. I know the players love Ricky. I know he's a great guy and keeps the locker room loose. But there's not a doubt in my mind he's going to fuck up playoff games with shit like this. And I know Yolmer/Mazara had huge hits tonight, but they also trotted out the B lineup tonight. Get Sanchez the fuck out of here. He's not a big league player. It's so sooooooooo dumb that he's on the roster and Mendick isn't. 

I'm out. Peace out. beat the fuck out of the Cubs and get hot before the playoffs.