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I Think Jason Whitlock Just Wants Maria Taylor and Katie Nolan To Apologize For Being Hot

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. 

I can't believe that I even have to say this, but it's ok for Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor to be both talented professionals and be attractive. It's a wild concept, I know. And before you chime in, watch the video. Hear me out. As a woman, I'm 1000% ok with my job being critiqued. I'm sure Maria and Katie feel the same way. It's not sexist to critique somebody's job, male or female. But what IS sexist and I am NOT ok with is the fact that if a woman is found attractive by one (1) person in the hiring process, that is the only reason she was hired and therefore, she must be worse at her job.

Get lost, Whitlock. (and yes, I know this is what he wants. Attention. But clowns can get attention too.)

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PS- my co-host is also extremely hot and good at what she does for a living. (Hi, Fran).