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It Pains Me How Much I Love Jimmy Butler Showing Up To Practice In Tyler Herro's High School Jersey

It's really unfortunate that the Miami Heat are ruining my life right now because it makes it harder for me to enjoy their current run and everything that's coming with it. It was easier before the ECF, but now that they are up 3-1 the whole thing is tough for me to stomach. 

Take this move for example. I LOVE this move from Jimmy Butler. This is a leader right here folks. You think he gives a shit as the "star" of this team that Tyler Herro is the hottest thing in the NBA right now? No chance. How many other stars would be a little upset that some 20 year old rookie was getting all the shine this close to the NBA Finals? A decent amount I'd bet. This just goes to show that this whole narrative about Jimmy Butler being a terrible teammate is all bullshit. The fact is those that thought he was the problem are probably the real problem themselves. KAT and Wiggins being soft, Ben Simmons throwing temper tantrums when he was told to get better, it's pretty clear Jimmy Butler just tells it like it is and if you don't take it as seriously as he does then you can kick rocks.

Now on this Heat team, he knows he's surrounded by guys that aren't charmin soft. Everyone has bought in. Do we think Butler changed his ways or is finally around guys that get it. Bam is a killer. Tyler Herro has gigantic testicles and real talent. Dragic and Jae Crowder grind. That's why this whole thing works. So naturally after Herro goes nuts and does this 

to get his team on the brink of the Finals, of course Jimmy Butler pulls a move like this to show his love and support. I hate how much I love this. 

This may not seem like much, but this is the type of shit you want to see from your team making a title run. No egos, everyone plays hard as hell on both ends, everyone knows their role, etc. When the biggest name on the team is showing this sort of love for a rookie you know you have something different. Their success shouldn't be a surprise.

Again, almost every part of me hates how much I love this, but I can't lie. It's a great move and nobody and I mean nobody is hotter in the bubble right now than Tyler Herro. God dammit.