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Did You Know That Bryson DeChambeau Can Sign His Name Backwards And With His Left Hand?

Listen there's obviously a laundry list of things that make you say, "That's such a Bryson DeChambeau thing to do" but this one might top them all. Bryson DeChambeau being able to sign his name backwards and with his left hand is such a Bryson DeChambeau thing to be able to do. Bryson is incredibly proud of this strange ability. He so earnestly said, "If you shine a light through it here you'll be able to see the signature." Okay but why Bryson? Why would anyone do that? Why not just sign it like a regular person so the signature is visible and keep it moving? And why in the world is he able to do that? Such a random and unnecessary skill that he has mastered. Imagine being a kid who gets their hat signed by Bryson DeChambeau only to discover that he wrote it backwards? Hey kid just turn your hat inside out and shine a light through it and you'll be able to see the signature perfectly! 

At the end of the day it's just another Bryson DeChambeau thing that makes you go