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RG3 Pokes Fun At Himself And All His Catchphrases In New Commercial With Other Heisman Trophy Winners


I wasn’t even aware until yesterday that RG3 attempted to trademark “no pressure, no diamonds” for himself. Talk about a balls to the wall move. Take a phrase that has been around for millenniums, put it on one of your Instagram pictures, and then decide, fuck it, I now own this phrase. Boss move to the max. I didn’t even realize you could trademark every day cliches like that. Seems like a pretty lucrative business. And you can’t really blame him. If my entire career relied on having legs, and then I was reduced down to one leg, I would want to have a pretty solid back up plan too. I really need to jump on this trademarking train. What if tomorrow one of my hands fell off? Kinda hard to blog without hands. But what if I internet-trademarked “so hot right now” or “so LeBron it hurts”? I’d be a fucking gazillionaire, maybe even a bazillionaire. I’d just be cuckholding bloggers like you read about all day every day off camera every way.