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I Know Javy Baez Has Sucked This Year But I Didn't Know It Was This Bad

Obviously that's bad and obviously we've been suffering through this season one horrific plate appearance at a time. But when you objectively tell me he's basically the worst hitter in baseball, I'm more likely to believe that we actually live in a simulation. This can't be real. The Bulls hire a competent coach. The Bears are undefeated. The White Sox are fucking awesome and Javy Baez is inarguably the least effective middle infielder in professional baseball. The only people who saw this coming are Born Haters and we absolutely fucking despise Born Haters.

Making matters worse, we have a valid player comparison for Javy 2020. Judges, please: 

He's a literal tick better than Jon Lester. I repeat Javy Baez is literally one tick better than Jon Lester from last year. And here I've been all along giving a nice proverbial blowjob to the National League DH. Maybe I need to think harder and ask if there's more strategy to be had with Javy lost in the lineup. 

To be fair, it's really hard to be fair. I understand regression. I understand funks and slumps and that Javy is a hot/cold hitter anyways. But dead last is dead fucking last. Would be hard for anyone to pick a worse time to be at their absolute very worst. 

Giphy Images.

And then there's this guy. I love him so much I don't want to disrespect his name or goodwill. Just want him to get healthy and show up for the playoffs and go back to being an absolute monster in the middle of the lineup. That said he's been the 2nd worse player on the team. I hope someone somewhere doses him up real good with some toradol or whatever the experts recommend. God knows there's no chance of doing anything without him.