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Kentucky Apparently Terrifies One SEC Hoops Coach So Bad He Pisses His Pants And Tries To Deny Olivier Sarr Eligibility To Play For Them This Year

So a couple days ago we got this little nugget from Dickie V. A Dick Bomb if you will. Olivier Sarr, arguably the best transfer in college basketball, is still somehow waiting to find out if he's eligible to play for Kentucky this year. You know because the NCAA makes total sense that Sarr could be punished for the fact that Danny Manning was fired at Wake Forest and he didn't want to play for Steve Forbes. Yet, we have decisions all accross the country from guys that announced they were transferring after Sarr. So what's the deal? 

Well there's a bitch in the SEC. No other way to put it: 

Imagine being so scared of Kentucky that you try to sabotage a kid's career and refuse to let him play for a year. Not that it will matter, Kentucky will still be the favorite in the SEC. But how can you take the other side here? A grown man so scared of a college player that he's willing to refuse to let the kid play even though the NCAA has approved it. Think about how asinine that is. The NCAA reportedly approved him! But no, the SEC has some different rule and a coach can hold it up. Fuck outta here with this bullshit. Any kid should be able to transfer no matter what if their coach gets fired or leaves. That's just common sense, something lacking in the NCAA.

Now as for who it is? We know it's not Eric Musselman, he's a Barstool guy through and through so he's a good man.  I know people want to say Tom Crean, but he's a PMT guy. I'll give him a pass for now. Bruce Pearl has a bit of a rivalry with Calipari, but they are a little more friendly now, so I'll rule him out. He'd also crack under pressure if he was questioned due to the sweat. I'm not ruling out Rick Barnes. He's good friends with Cal, but you simply can't trust anyone at Tennessee. Maybe Will Wade? The dude will do anything to win and is just going double birds to the NCAA already. I'd respect him embracing the villain while hating the move. 

The sneaky pick? Ben Howland. I got my eye on him. Either way, whoever is holding this up needs to come forward and get their proper roasting. Stop being a bitch and let the boy play.