Allen Iverson Went On "All The Smoke" And Did Not Disappoint

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You put a camera and a mic in front of Allen Iverson, I am watching every single time. Remember this interview from earlier this past summer? It ruled

Well now AI is back, this time on the latest episode of "All The Smoke" and once again he did not disappoint. They covered pretty much everything you can imagine in their near 2 hours discussion, and here were a few of my favorite parts

2001 Finals

That Iverson play over Ty Lue was one of the biggest plays of my childhood. So hearing AI dive into that moment was fascinating to me. He had no idea he even did it! In fact he even admitted he hates that play. I would have never guessed that considering it was such an awesome moment.

Hall Of Fame Induction

In my lifetime, Iverson has to be one of the most criticized super stars of my era. People complain about hit inefficiency, that he shot too much, blah blah blah. Well there's nothing you can really say, the dude is a Hall Of Famer. It's the ultimate trump card. You could tell what that meant to AI. 

The Bubble & Favorite Players


Could not agree more with AI. Love the bubble. Love the competition and how good the games have been. The best part of this clip though is once Iverson started talking about the young players. This is my favorite part of Allen Iverson. The dude LOVES the current stars. He's not one of these salty old timers that do everything in their power to discredit players nowadays. That's pretty rare for a player of Iverson's stature. We need more of that to be honest instead of old guys talking about how much better things were "back in their day".

If you have the time, put this on and watch the whole near two hours. It's the afternoon anyways, what are you going to to…work? I didn't think so.