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Aaron Rodgers Gives An Awesome, Thoughtful Response About Mental Health As He Applauds Others Being Open With Their Struggles

Awesome stuff from Aaron Rodgers as always. Just a good genuine answer following in the recent foot steps of other athletes recently coming out and addressing mental health in the world. Obviously a real fire started when that asshole Skip Bayless called Dak weak for talking about his own struggles following his brother's suicide. That shit still bothers me. Weak is actually the exact opposite Dak was in that moment. The response to that situation has been very productive, including Hayden Hurst's moment on Sunday after the game. 

As Aaron says, the more these athletes show this side it'll help them relate more and more to every person in the world that is struggling mentally. Good on all of them for speaking up. We all deal with our own shit on a daily basis and it can be so tough. You feel so alone and helpless, but at the same time embarrassed to ask for help. These big time pro athletes look like they have it all at times, but when you see Kevin Love, Dak, Rodgers, etc. bring up the same struggles we all deal with, that can go a long way for others. 

Keep it up boys, and of course fuck Skip Bayless. 

P.S. Great question by Matt Schneidman. If you're a Packers fan and don't follow him already, make sure you correct that mistake right now.