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I Need People To Match My Energy And Embrace The Good Times With The Bears

I put that clip at the top of this blog because I want to remind people of what is going on here. The Chicago Bears are 2-0. They're tied for first place. Over 50% of teams that start 2-0 historically make the playoffs. And yet, the prevailing wind around Chicago is that the other shoe is about to drop 

People graded the first two weeks as a C? I mean what the fuck? I know I am an optimist by nature. I know people get annoyed by that. I also know in my heart of hearts that I feel better about the Bears right now than I did at any point last year. From the opening play of 2019 the Bears sucked. That stupid T-formation bullshit was an omen and it played out that way for the next 15 games. This year feels different so far even if they haven't put it all together yet. At no point in the first two weeks was I pining for Nick Foles or any other quarterback. Mitch has been fine at worst and good at best and the numbers back it up.

We've seen a…commitment to the running game


That has literally never happened under Matt Nagy. Maybe he is not an idiot after all. He got a new OL Coach and a new OC and now we are looking at the David Montgomery and the Cody Whitehair that we always expected to have. The Bears aren't perfect, but they're trending up. Robert Quinn made the defense better instantly and he's not healthy yet. They're going to figure out what to do about Danny Trevaithan. Johnson is growing up quickly. The Lions and Vikings look like shit. An extra team makes the playoffs this year. What I am trying to say is that there is a lot to like and you shouldn't waste it by being negative about the Bears. There's a gleam. Go out and get it.